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Kitch is making big moves in the ghost kitchen and virtual brand industry. Read up on our partnerships, raises, deals, and more straight from our business desk.

Kitch and Gzooh Kitchens Team Up to Build Virtual Branded Restaurants
Kitch and Gzooh Kitchens are pairing up to build new digital storefronts for restaurants in the United States and Canada.
Ghost Kitchens Find a Home in Empty Hotels
Restaurateurs hunting for cut-rate space in the pandemic are teaming up with eager partners in another beleaguered industry.
Kitch is a Matchmaker for Underutilized Kitchen Spaces - Food On Demand
Kitch is a matchmaker connecting growth-minded restaurant brands or aspiring chefs who aren’t looking to sign multi-year leases with underutilized kitchen spaces.
NYC Startup Creates Airbnb For Ghost Kitchens
When it comes to leasing shared commercial kitchen space for off-site catering, prep, or delivery, there are generally two routes: multi-tenant facilities like Cloud, Amped, and Hana Kitchens or a…